Client Testimonial – Billy Damota

Morgan Freeman, Kevin Costner, Jody Foster, Billy Crystal, Liam Neeson, Angelina Jolie, Geena Davis…the list goes on. Alan is the best in the business.  Movie star quality at starving artist prices.  Fun, friendly man who really takes an interest in his subjects.  His award winning photos of China and India are mind-blowing.  he’s always open to meeting you and discussing your shoot in detail before … Continue reading Client Testimonial – Billy Damota

Music to our ears… Album Cover w/ MacLear & Quinn

Fall is slowly setting in, but the heat has not yet left us. So if you’re yearning for those Sweet Summer Days, look no further than the recently released music by MacLear & Quinn. We had the pleasure of photographing these two talented musicians and were excited to see that this image made their album cover! To hear a clip of their hit song, check … Continue reading Music to our ears… Album Cover w/ MacLear & Quinn