Azucena de España! – Testimonial

Alan, A stands for amazing person and amazing photographer, L for lively, loving and luminous,A stands for amusing and awesome and N stands for nifty.  Thank you so much for catching my essence. You are so caring. I love these headshots. I am sure they will bring me a lot of work.  Cheers! Azucena De La Fuente Image

French Reality TV-Les Anges De La Téléréalité


Since it’s Throwback Thursday, we thought it would be fun to share a clip not seen by our friends here in Los Angeles…but we can’t say the same about our friends in France! Not too long ago, Alan was featured as the photographer on the show, Les Anges De La Téléréalité! See some of the behind-the-scenes fun of the steamy photo session here! 😉