John C.

headshots, kids, portraits children, kids headshotsI had heard that Alan was the “Master of Lighting”; the photos on his website proved it.  I’ve had some unsatisfactory headshot experiences, so I wasn’t looking forward to making an appointment.  But when I called Alan, he immediately made me feel at ease – he’s got a great sense of humor.  He’s passionate about his work & even over the phone you feel confidant that this person is going to work hard to give you images that you want, & THAT is something that I didn’t get from anybody else.

The real kicker is when you meet with Alan & he starts setting things up for you.  He has a gift for making an uncomfortable, artificial process become organic – I actually enjoyed my photo session.

I will definitely go back to Alan Weissman in the future & highly recommend his services.

-John C.


headshots, kids, portraits children

Alan is one of the most professional photographers I have personally worked with, he’s fun & enthusiastic. His aura makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera so there’s no awkwardness in which ever pose you may be in. In East London cockney slang my final pictures well & truly made me look like a “sort” (beautiful). I couldn’t of worked with someone better, an absolute pleasure and great gentleman! Highly recommended!

Tara Hodge

Azucena de España! – Testimonial

Alan, A stands for amazing person and amazing photographer, L for lively, loving and luminous,A stands for amusing and awesome and N stands for nifty.  Thank you so much for catching my essence. You are so caring. I love these headshots. I am sure they will bring me a lot of work.  Cheers! Azucena De La Fuente Image

Commercial vs. Theatrical Headshots


Three headshots, same girl. One is  Commercial, one is for Commercial Print, and the final one is Theatrical.  But what does that even mean??

Headshots can be nerve-wracking for some people, especially for those who are new in the acting world and are getting shots for the first time.  Here at the Alan Weissman studio, we try to make your experience as easy and as enjoyable as possible because we know how important these images are for you.  If you’re having fun and are relaxed, your images will reflect that.

After talking to some of our clients, old and new, we thought it might be great to post some info/advice on the difference between a Commercial and Theatrical headshot.  Aspiring actors, when first getting their feet wet in the acting realm, get these two different types of shots.  What’s the difference?


What it’s for: Commercials & Sitcoms.

In these types of shots, your goal is to look approachable and smile! Not the cheesy, get-the-camera-out-of-my-face kind of smile, but the kind that looks like your everyday girl/boy next door.  Think about the people you see in commercials and on shows like Modern Family.  They look like people you’d see everyday.  They are the people who brush their teeth with Colgate, like you.  They drive the affordable and reliable car that you’ve been looking for.  That’s who you want to look like.

Commercial Print shots are similar to the traditional Commercial headshot, but you may see more of the body in a lifestyle setting.  In the traditional Commercial or Theatrical headshot, you would not necessarily  see hands or jewelry, but the guideline are a little more flexible when it comes to Commercial Print images.

For these shots, you want to wear soft or bright colors that reflect a commercial look.  For example, think of the Gap or J. Crew ads.  Avoid prints and patterns because ultimately, the focus should be on you and not the distracting print.


What it’s for: Plays, TV, Film

Some might use the word “serious” to describe the Theatrical shot, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. The goal is to still be approachable, without smiling.

Another option for the Theatrical look, which is one of Alan’s favorites, is to have some fun and go for an edgier look, which can be sexy, dramatic, or both!  It’s not your traditional headshot, but serves as a third look.  One of Alan’s favorite things to do is to make you look like a working actor by lighting you differently than he would if it were a Commercial or Theatrical shot.

Ultimately, these shots are all about conveying your personality and your essence through your expressions.  These images have to be real and honest, a goal that we help you reach.

Contact us for more information!  We would love to help you with your first or next headshot session!