Bob Picardo

Headshot of celebrity Bob Picardo.

It’s such a pleasure to sit for you- and I usually hate getting pictures done.

You are the greatest.

Bob Picardo

Charles White

Alan, Thank you!! For your patience and professionalism. I really enjoyed the session and you perceptiveness is refreshing. Excited about working with you more in the future and having you as a friend.



Hey Alan, You were great at putting me in a relaxed state of mind and letting me be me. Coming from a model background, it was always hard for me to do headshots where true emmotion could come across. With Alan, I finally have pictures that look like me, that are me – he made me realize we spend so much time trying to be someone else when it is so much easier and effortless being yourself!

Thanks! Noush

Hattie Bryant, Author of “I’ll Have It My Way”

This is the fourth time over a twelve-year span of time that I have come to Alan for a headshot. Each time he has captured the moment to give me what I need to promote a  television show I was producing, my public speaking and now my new book, I’ll Have It My Way. If you choose Alan you will not be disappointed.  – Hattie Bryant
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