Lucy Lawless

Lucy LawlessDear Alan,

You’re the greatest! And that is true. Thank you, Alan and Caroline for your big help and beautiful work!

I was thrilled with what Alan did. He’s crazy but a genius! He made me look fantastic even at the end of a trying week.

— Lucy Lawless

Bob Picardo

Headshot of celebrity Bob Picardo.

It’s such a pleasure to sit for you- and I usually hate getting pictures done.

You are the greatest.

Bob Picardo

Shannon M.

_MG_1780shannonShooting with Alan was a great experience.  Scheduling an appointment was easy to do with his assistant and when I arrived, they helped me carry my bags to the shoot.
The shoot wasn’t rushed; Alan and I sat down and reviewed the wardrobe changes and throughout the entire shoot, I felt very comfortable. Everything was so relaxed while we shot that I didn’t realize how many photos had been taken.  Between wardrobe changes, we reviewed the photos and he made sure that I was satisfied before shooting the next look – he was very professional and provided his expertise during the shoot.
Alan is very professional, knowledgeable of what the industry looks for in photos for actors and models, and takes the time to make sure you have a great experience.  He uses a top-quality camera and does an exceptional job with the lighting.
I highly recommend Alan for the great job he does, his professionalism, and I found his pricing to be better than other photographers with his resume/experience.  -Shannon M.



Hey Alan, You were great at putting me in a relaxed state of mind and letting me be me. Coming from a model background, it was always hard for me to do headshots where true emmotion could come across. With Alan, I finally have pictures that look like me, that are me – he made me realize we spend so much time trying to be someone else when it is so much easier and effortless being yourself!

Thanks! Noush