Veronica Small
Glendale, CA USA

Alan does to photography what Picasso has done for art. Heaven must truly be missing a photographer. THANK YOU…so very much! Much LOVE to you, Caroline and LeFeat. V.

Jon Simon


California USA

Thanks again for the great shoot yesterday! “Alan is a tremendous talent who made me feel at home in his studio. His warmth, humor, and creativity made my confidence shoot-up one hundred fold. From the first minute meeting Alan we were on the same page. He’s very perceptive and knew what I wanted before I even articulated it. Upon meeting Alan, I just knew I was going to shoot with him…I didn’t even interview other photographers.” Jon

Mary Carty

Dear Alan, I am a photographer getting back into the business and stumbled across your Web site while researching up-to-date head shot styles for an assignment tomorrow. Your work is exquisite and client list impressive! Congrats to you for sharing your exceptional gift of photography. Sincerely, Mary Carty

Susan Gainer
Los Angeles, CA

“Alan Weissman”is the only modern photographer that has captured the lost art of the 1940’s pictures. The 1940″s was truley an era of beauty, sophistication and an honest expression of glamour. This lost art needs to be re-introduced to today’s society and Alans work is doing just that. Susan Gainer EMAP USA publishers/Peterson’s Photographic

Kerby T. Alvy, Ph.D.
Studio City, CA

“Alan was wonderful to work with during my photograph sesssion and the results were just what I had hoped for! The photos he took will grace my personal website and blog, as well as be used for numerous promotional purposes regarding my leadership of our 31 year old national organization.” Kerby T. Alvy, Ph.D. Founder and Executive Director Center for the Improvement of Child Caring 11331 Ventura Blvd., Suite 103 Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 980-0903


Alan & Carolyn (sp?), THANK YOU for a wonderful photo session experience yesterday! I can’t wait to come back and look at the proofs (and play with you guys….;) ) You’re the greatest– so talented, full of humor and love of life. Will see you soon. Warmly, Laura (aka: #1 Fan of Alan Weissman Photography and All People and Animals Involved in Studio Affairs)

Jon Bahnemann
Location:CAlifornia USA

Alan- I want to thank you for such outstanding headshots! I have been showing them to my friends and family and they are astounded by how well they turned out! I appreciate everything you have done. I was very impressed with my session and I love that fact that you are never done with something until you are personally satisfied with it. I recall that after we were finished shooting my commercial shot, we previewed them on the television and they weren’t as good as we thought. Being the awesome person you are, you deleted them all and decided we should reshoot them!! Not any photographer would be that kind! You are truly a very talented photographer and care about your clients! I would never shoot with anybody else again! Thank you! Sincerely, Jon Bahnemann

Sarah Slotkin

Dear Alan I knew that I made the right decision the first moment I met Alan. Not only did I have a wonderful photographer, but I made a great friend too. Alan makes you feel comfortable and most important have fun! My first set of head shots are gorgeous! This has been such an amazing experience. Alan has an incredible team working with him – Caroline, Rita, Emma and Tammy – Thank you girls so much for everything! Alan youâ™re the Best!!! Hats off to you!!! Cheers, Sarah Slotkin

Edward Ferrari
Location:CAlifornia USA

Alan, I honestly couldn’t have imagined a more comfortable photo session. Your professionalism, humor, and confidence really put me at ease. You truly delivered such exceptional shots and I appreciate the added time you spent ensuring that the final product met your standards. Thank you so much, I look forward to the next time I sit for you. Edward Ferrari

Jennifer Bradner
Location:LA, california USA

I have been looking at your photos, as well as other photographers, for weeks and I have got to say, you blow them all away. I just absolutely love them. Jennifer Brandner

Mike Adams
Location:Santa Cruz, CA USA

Alan, Thanks for all the fun and the great headshots too! I think you should open a studio in Santa Cruz.

Mike Adams

Hannah Cowley
Location:Sydney, Australia

Hope you’re well and having a nice summer, it is starting to warm up here in Sydney as well which is great. Alan, I’ve got about four friends who are in dire need of some good acting headshots and wanted to let you know in case you are still considering having a mini-working holiday over here…I think I could easily round up a few more but there are four definites… Anyway, let me know whatyou think. Mark is sending me over the printed photos soon, very excited, you made them look really amazing and I’m going to replace the one that has been in all the casting books etc for the past year…It isn’t even remotely in the same league as yours, and looks positively ghastly in comparison!!! Best wishes, Hannah.

Lee Terri
Location:Los Angeles , California USA

This is just a note to thank you from my heart for your speccial efforts and super results on the pictures you took of me. You are certainly a “master” in the photography field. Each finished picture looks as if its a painted portrait with a high price tag. I also want to acknowledge your integrity in wanting to “live up” to your reputation. It seems as if every picture is “your child” and important to you. I appreciate who you are and, of course, your talent. If you ever tire as a photographer, you could also be a comedian. You are entertaining! Thank you for “giving” to others, but “taking” a little more for yourself! Respectfully, Admiringly, Lee Terri

Location:Los Angeles , Ca USA

Alan! and Emma! i have a big comedy show on thursday so i am in a rewrite panic…i will send you info and big invite to you and your fiance and Emma! but i just had to say real quick that i added my new pic at actors access and it looks so amazing i just got so excited and inspired to keep going in this nutty business! i will have to show it to you next to the old pics–it looks like extreme makeover before and after pics! you are a head shot marvel with superpowers–extreme artistry and sense of fun…i don’t want to analyze too much because i want to shoot again and then i’ll over think the magic… thanks ! (that was a warm up for the testimony..) hug, jacqi bowe–show info……………….. The Funniest Comic In The City


Paula Stout
Location:Tierra Verde, FL USA

Such soulful intimacy! These photos are trully beautiful.

Paula Stout

David Gibbons
Location:Los Angles, CA USA

This is great work. Nicely presented and a delight to see. Thank you for sharing your passion.

David Gibbons

Sarah Felice Slotkin
Location:Hollywood , CA USA

Alan is not only a wonderful photographer; he is a wonderful person too! He makes you feel comfortable and laughing the whole time. Thank you Alan, Caroline and Rita for everything! Cheers to you all and LeFeat!

Sarah Felice Slotkin

Ann Sanders
Location:Los Angeles, CA USA

Alan’s photography brings out the best in people. He is not only a great photographer, he’s a lot of fun.

Ann Sanders

Deannie Janowitz
Location:Manhattan Beach, CA USA

Alan is one of the “great masters” when it comes to lighting and making people look absolutely glowing and beautiful! Thank you for your amazing talent!

Deannie Janowitz

Tim Goodwin
Location:Burbank, CA USA

Alan, thanks so much for all of my fantastick headshots! You’re the best!

Tim Goodwin

Jen Moeller and Paco

Alan Weissman is a breath of fresh air . . . he’s fun and able to be in-the-moment. After looking at my initial test shots and seeing they were of PERFECT photographic quality (and by that I mean the lighting, coloring and angles) I knew I could relax, have fun and not concern myself with the quality of his work. Because Alan is able to grasp the comfort level of his clients, by the 200th shot — right when I began to feel myself wilt away behind the hot lights — Alan was able to perk me up with his sense of humor and quiet sense of professionalism. This is the first week I’ve been using these new headshots and I’ve already booked two jobs!

Thanks so much,

Jen Moeller and Paco

Ri Versteegh



When I came in, somewhat nervous, I felt as if I came into a room

of old friends and when Alan took pictures of me I felt as if he had

known me for years and was able to bring out what I was most proud of.

Even though I understand neither lighting or colors it was obvious

to me that he did when I saw the pictures he had taken.

Alan made me feel relaxed and after only a minute it was clear to me that I was in for a very good time, we laughed and joked around while

he took some of the best shots I have seen of myself.

I had a great time and I felt so secure.

Ri Versteegh

Bob Picardo


Had a great time at our shooting today. It’s such a pleasure to

sit for you- and I usually hate getting pictures done.

You are the greatest.

Bob Picardo

Bryn Abbott



I want to thank you so much for my incredible pictures! I got home yesterday and showed them off to all my friends and called my entire family immediately to tell them how thrilled I was with my head shots. They look better than I could have ever expected. Not to mention,

what a wonderful time I had taking the pictures. It was so fun! You, Caroline, Rita, and everyone else made the experience relaxed, comfortable, and memorable. Now armed with these pictures,

I have so much more confidence to go out in the business.

Thank you for everything Alan, and I promise you haven’t heard

the last from me…I will come by soon!

Much love,

Bryn Abbott

P.S. When all my girlfriends saw the pictures, they said “I want pictures this beautiful of ME…It would be great for my self-confidence!” Hahaha

Paul Rodriguez
Location:Dear Alan,

I was in a conversation with Alan about everything, from cars to girls and the pictures all happened when I wasn’t aware of it. A picture should be like a surprise, you shouldn’t even know it’s being taken. I liked Alanâ™s pictures so much that I even send my mother one shot.

Paul Rodriguez

Katharine McEwan


Dear Alan,

Thank you so much for giving me the gift of great headshots. You are a genius in your field and deserve all the success and recognition a person could want. The way you work is truly unique and I am so glad I was able to meet you and work with you.

I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon again,

Katharine McEwan

Aaron Wilson



I cannot thank you enough for the amazing headshots! I will never

forget the moment I showed my mother and she was so pleased to see how well they turned out. I am so proud of them and I tell everyone about the wonderful experience I had during the shoot. You were able to capture an honest connection with me all while keeping me relaxed and at ease.

Thanks for all of the laughs! I will keep you updated on what happens in my career.


Aaron Wilson

Jagoda Spoljaric


Dear Alan,

You’re the greatest! And that is true.

Thank you, Alan and Caroline for your big help and beautiful work!

Lucy Lawless


I was thrilled with what Alan did. He’s crazy but a genius!

He made me look fantastic even at the end of a trying week.

Anne DeSalvo
Location:Every once in a while you come across a photographer who’s able to capture personality in such a unique, intriguing, and totally authentic way. Alan is gifted, never ceasing to create that magic and then some.


Andrew Scott



Los Angeles


Alan was really great with me. I had been expecting someone who would be really great at taking photos but who would not be willing to spend the time with me. Instead, he and I worked together making sure that the photos were what both HE and I wanted. He was insistent on doing the best he could, and even threw in a couple tips on how to deal with Agents and Managers when they look at your headshots. He was the best, I am so happy I got my headshots done by him.

Thank you again Alan!

Claudia Blair
Location:Los Angeles


Wow!!! a10.gif You did a fantastic job on my photos. As usual. It was great fun. Thanks, Alan

lachlan patterson





Thank you Alan for the great pictures.

You came highly recommended and now I see why.

My manager represents several working actors and comedians and gave me only one name when I asked where I should get headshots done. And when that guy wouldn’t return my phone calls, I called Alan Weisman. Oh, just kidding relax.

Geoff Talbot


NZ to London. London to LA

I came all the way from New Zealand via London to have my head shots taken by Mr Weissmann… and the truth is I would have travelled twice a far. Alan is down to earth, funny and easy to work with. He takes great cinematic photo’s. I was so impressed with the result. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Stéphanie Hutchinson



This was my first Photoshoot and I’m so glad I found you. Working with you was so much fun and so professional. I was afraid I wouldn’t have a headshot that I really love, thanks to you I got so many I could use. My favorite shoot was the third look..

All the best,


Tara Clark
Location:San Diego, CA

Alan, I love my pictures. Thank you so much for your inspiration, patience and talent.

I trusted your intuition and I’m glad I did.

Give Lafitte a big hug for me.

Tara Clark

a1.gif a1.gif a1.gif a1.gif

Terry Crawford





Hi Alan.

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to find images in me that even I didn’t know I wanted to show. Your honesty and intuitiveness find just what needs to shine, and I really appreciate your work. Thanks again, and best wishes






Hello everyone. I just wanted to inform you all about Mr. Weissman’s great work.

I recently went to his ‘Studio’ to get my headshots done. His place is incredible; very peaceful, organic, but mainly, very Zen. Lots of plants, quietness, light, but the view.. Beautiful!!

He played music for us (my friend and I), he introduced Lafeet to us (his adorable dog), they did tricks, he was very personal and open. His sense of humor and personality are superb.

I had a great experience.

I believe these are just a few of the reasons he is the BEST photographer.

Keep up the amazing work Alan.. a5.gif

Lance Wesley Ober


Wow…Alan! These new headshots that I got with you will open a lot of doors…you really captured the best part of me with your camera…you are so amazingly easy to work with.

Congrats on the museum work you got…that is cool. When and where?

Available for any shots you may need in the future.

Thank you man.


Hossein Mardani


The Netherlands


Hai Alan,

Thank you very much for your hospitality and your amazing pictures.I’ll hope to see you soon in LA and my wife really wants to meet you to,so I’ll bring her with me and you’ll love her.

Kind regards,

Hossein Mardani

Martyn Lee
Location:United Kingdom


Hi Alan….Wonderful photoshoot, I can’t wait to do it again sometime, you’re a genius

Elizabeth was great too.

Don’t forget to adopt me and hug Lafayette.

Bye for now, and thank you a1.gif

Caroline Louvet



Hi Alan Thank you so much for the amazing pictures you are so sweet and your photos are amazing

this photo session was so much fun thank you so much for everything



Alan you’re the best!!! I had a great time today and I just love love love my photos. Thank you for everything and I hope we’ll meet again soon a5.gif

Calo Kidd




I and a friend, who happens to be an Emmy Award winning designer reviewed the photos you just took of me. His comment was…” His work gives me chills”.

My reply was…”I look like a movie star”.

Doesn’t get better than that!

Give Lafitte (I hope I spelled his name right) a hug for me. If not, ask him to forgive me.

Adam Joosten


Hello Alan,

this is my second time going to you to have my headshots done and I could not be happier. You bring an energy and warmth that makes getting photographed so easy and fun! And also you have the most amazing dog I have ever met. I would recommend having your photo taken by Alan, and I will always go to him whenever I need headshots.

Thank you,

Adam Joosten.

Ha Adolfo


Did you know that you have made a HUGE contribution to the basset hounds at Basset Rescue Network (BaRNI)?

I talked to Dawn today about something else. She mentioned that BaRNI got 100% adoption rate from your pictures of the hounds.

They were placed on Petfinder and Facebook!

Of course, I have to run to my computer and send you this email. It’s so awesome.

Thank you. Thank you and thank you and thank you.

Anthony Fontana

Alan! I absolutely LOVED working with you! You are an amazing photographer and you really know how to bring the best out in actors. You make the photo session feel like it isn’t even a photo session. I could barely tell we were taking pictures and they came out amazing! You are great and easy to work with and help to relieve any stress that an actor may have when coming to a session. ALL ACTORS should work with Alan! As actors auditions build up so many nerves and a photo session can be bring out even more nerves than auditions and an actor needs to feel relaxed and comfortable when they’re getting headshots taken. You achieve that. I am so grateful for taking headshots with you because a photo is an actors tool and I feel that I know have a great tool that I can use to get me some great auditions. Thanks so much!

Anthony Fontana

Sonya Rose Atkinson



Studio City, California USA



Thank you, Alan, for taking your sweet time. It was a great pleasure shooting with you. I’ve been looking forward to this photoshoot for some time since moving to LA from NYC. I like your honest & richly artistic fun working style. It made me feel Über Talented, alongside your wonderful dog, Lafittea1.gif You are truly an artist at heart & I’m really happy with the outcome. I hope to shoot with you again as I’m just getting my feet wet in LA. Have a terrific 2010! >a5.gif<

Peace & Blessings,

Sonya Rose

Brian Young


Dear Alan,

Okay! Okay! I’m a Weissman believer now. You’re work is amazing. I like the shots. My agent likes the shots. Let’s hope the world agrees.

Thanks again for the great job.


Assad Raza
Location:Los Angeles Ca


Just want to say thank you for the photo shoot last week. You have a real talent that brings the best out in people and it was fantastic to be your subject for the photo shoot. I also remember the story you told us when we arrived at your house about your ambition to become a Photographer. It will stick with me for a person who is determined, driven, has a dream and the courage to follow it can achieve anything. I hope I get to see you again and will treasure both the photos and the experience.

Emily Morgan


Thank you for making me look so natural and human. In all my years of acting, no photographer has achieved this.

Harmony Hartleyharmony_hartley(at)yahoo(dot)comLocation:



Hi Alan!!!

It’s Harmony! I just want to officially thank you so much for doing my headshots and the beautiful result! They arrived in the mail and across the house I hear my mom screaming and start crying of happiness! The experience itself cannot be described in words! I learned so much and even came out more confident and sure of what I want to do! You are an incredibly nice person and an amazing photographer. I had never really realized how much detail can be put into one shot! I hope you know how much I appreciate the whole experience and privelege it was to work with you. 🙂 My self confidence was boosted and “FUN” was the base of the entire thing. This may sound cheesy but, when we had arrived back home, all I wanted to do was be back learning more about your work and doing different poses! I honestly just had so much fun! I really hope to see you in the near future and maybe even get to work with you again. Please give your adorable doggy a big hug and kiss for me! Thank you a million more times…

With Love,

Harmony Hartley

Parker York Smith
Location:Los Angeles


Working with Alan was amazing! We sat and talked for a half an hour before he even took a single photo. He really took time to get to know me and put me at ease. He brings out wonderful emotion by just engaging in conversation. I would recommend him to anyone. I’ve been getting many more auditions since shooting with Alan!

Thanks again!!

Oliver Morris



Ramsgate, Kent

Alan!! Thank you so much for the phtotshoot today. It was great getting to see you work especially with me as the subject 🙂 I dont think the reallity of the situation has hit me yet, but spending the morning with you an TJ at the house was a truely aswesome expereance. The photo’s you took of me will be treasured for a long long time. I hope i get to see or work with you again in the future. I appoligise if i may have come across as a bit quiet or shy but the whole expereance had me a bit dumb-struck! Take care and Thank You So So So Much!!

Gillian Doyle



It took a long journey for me to think I deserved the best of anything but I’m thrilled I’m finally there and could hire such a fabulous photographer! It’s been a week since the shoot and I’m still going over each glorious shot knowing I could choose from many. You caught my personality and essence and just knew I’m a glamor girl at heart. The lighting is fantastic and I’m so glad I listened and trusted you! I’ll call soon with my final choices but for all you actors looking for a great headshot -just book the man and get the best photos in town!.

Big hug,


Samantha Lester



Los Angeles, Ca


Hey there Alan!

Today I braved the hill and picked up the disc of my pictures. Thank you so much. They came out great. Besides the whole deciding thing, I’m excited to get them printed up and start using them. I just have to tell you that you are one of the most real and authentic people I have ever met out here. You made me feel completely comfortable immediately. I mean come on the first thing you did was bet me a dollar that I would walk out of your house smiling. Of course, the horrible gambler that I am, I agreed to take the bet, and then everyone in your office started to place their bets on the table too. That was when I knew I was a gonner….yep I lost. Thanks for the good times (jamming to Spring Awakening, drinking coffee, playing with Lafitte) and the AMAZING pictures!

Talk to you soon,


Luma Alessandra
Location:London, United Kingdom


Hey Alan, how is it going. Just to say thank you soooo much for my beautiful photoshoot. I’ve recommended you to my friends. I was sooo nervous and yes I was hiding from you in the toilet in a panic …but I cant believe how relaxed and good you made me feel that for the first time in my life I was really enjoying and loving a photoshoot. Ure a real star thank u


Sharon Bennamer


Dear Alan,

Recently I have my photos done by you for an actress headshot. I must admit I was a little nervous and unsure of what to expect, I haven’t been in front of the camera for years.

The minute I walked in to your amazing studio I felt calm and relaxed. The cool vibe of your place really helped me get comfortable. When I met you and your awesome dog, Lafitte, I knew I had chosen wisely. You accepted me with warmth, patience, and not to mention, professionalism. I felt we bonded right away.

A few days ago I received my photos in the mail and were perfect! You have captured the real me. The way I really feel, it reflects in the photo as soon as you look at it. Thanks to your great skill and talented eye, I feel more confident today to go to an audition knowing they will love my photo. I feel more confident about myself! When I am famous, and I will be, I will be sure to mention the “Great Alan,” the wiz photographer that helped me start my career. So thank you.

Please give my love to Lafitte!


Sharon Bennamer

160) ip.gif browser.gif
Samantha Daly
Location:Melbourne, Australia


…Thankyou Rady for my beautiful make-up and staying to help out during the day, and thankyou to Caroline for helping me make this happen! (And for being so kind, friendly and patient in answering all my emails!)

Alan, thankyou for my wonderful photos and for such a marvellous experience! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all, and I hope to see you and work with you again one day-Whether it be on my side of the world or yours!

All my love from Australia, Samantha

(p.s. I hope you don’t mind that my message has taken up three guestbook entries! 🙂 I didn’t realise there was a word limit!)

159) ip.gif browser.gif
Samantha Daly
Location:Melbourne, Australia


…Alan is honest and real, and strives to not just take a “pretty” photo, but to capture YOU. Anyone can take a “nice” photo and provide you with a “nice” headshot, but to bring real LIFE to a still photo-This is an art form. What I strive to achieve as an actress, as an artist in my own right, Alan achieves in his. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I was so drawn to him from the start.

During the shoot, Alan was patient, diligent, thoughtful, attentive, audacious, fun, and exciting to work with! A wonderful human being!! And I cannot go without mentioning his sidekick Lafite- who happily came to sit on my feet to calm my nerves and steal Alan’s limelight at every opportunity. (His sidekick happens to be incredibly adorable and of the four-legged variety!)

I was simply beaming when I stepped out of the studio, and was overjoyed when I received my photographs!

Samantha Daly
Location:Melbourne, Australia


I am from Melbourne Australia, and was fortunate enough to stumble across an interview with Alan Weissman. His presence struck me. His genuine care and love of his art so apparent, I was compelled to find out more.

On viewing alanweissman.com, I found that Alan’s work mirrored my first impressions of him. Each subject captured my attention, every portrait so vivid, full of life and so personal. It just so happened that I was planning my second trip to Los Angeles for an acting intensive, and I wanted to book my very first photo session with Alan Weissman!

Thankfully there was an opening during my short stay in California, and Studio Manager Caroline helped me organise my booking every step of the way! Seeing as this would result in me having my first headshot, there was a level of anxiety and uncertainty. I needn’t have worried however, as all my questions were answered, and the studio was in contact with me constantly!

The day finally came and I knew it would be a fun experience! I was welcomed with open arms, and stepped into such a friendly, warm, relaxed, and creative environment…

Natalia Romanova
Location:Bonn /Germany


Dear Alan,

I deeply thank you for the unique experience. Your photos are mirrors of the soul and you are a wizard. You emphasise the nicest sides in person and transform this into a masterpiece.

I thank you.

Catherine Laine
Location:London, UK


Thanks Alan for a great day! The best photoshoot i’ve ever had done, such a great atmosphere! Definatly will be venturing across the globe to you again! Send my love to everyone, Dan, the make up artist and your beautiful dog! xx

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