Testimonials 3

Shannon Dee


Los Angeles, CA USA

After taking photos with Alan, I went from getting 1 – 2 auditions a week self-submitting, to recieving about five a week or more! Alan took great pictures, that I believe really capture who I am, inside and out. Thank you Alan; I can’t wait to work with you again! Sincerely, Shannon Dee

Jordan Daum
Location:Los Angeles, CA USA

Hey Alan!! The shots turned out great I’ve just started using them and getting a great amount of work already! I promise not to go to anyone else! Keep in touch! Jordan

Cindy Kurtz
Location:New York City, NY USA

Hi Alan! I haven’t spoken to you in ages, but you’ve taken by far the best shots of me – hands down. (-: I live in New York now. I was wondering if you are ever in New York shooting as I’d like to upgrade my headshots.

Cindy Kurtz

Richard Setlowe

An author’s book jacket photo ideally ought to communicate that a great deal is happening behind the cover–adventure, romance, mystery, sex, wit. According to my editors, Alan’s photo of me conveyed four out of five. –Richard Setlowe, author of The Black Sea, The Sexual Occupation of Japan

Jill Isaacs
Location:california USA

I’ve just finished reviewing the digital photos you shot of my husband, Danny Collins. There are so many good ones I’m actually having trouble selecting my favorites. You’ve done a marvelous job of capturing his personality. He looks relaxed, amused, even as if he’s having a good time. Thanks again, Jill Isaacs screen writer

Jill Isaacs

Aaron Wilson
Location:LA, CA. USA

Alan, I can not thank you enough for the amazing headshots! I will never forget the moment I showed my mother and she was so pleased to see how well they turned out. I am so proud of them and I tell everyone about the wonderful experience I had during the shoot. You were able to capture an honest connection with me all while keeping me relaxed and at ease. Thanks for all of the laughs! I will keep you updated on what happens in my career. Sincerely, Aaron Wilson


Alan, I wanted to thank you for placing me on your website, comp cards, backstage west, etc… VERY kind and thoughtful of you. What goes around comes around. I will do whatever I can to spread the good word about your photography. I pimped you all day! Thanks for sharing that with me. People will soon realize that $50 bucks for a throw-away photographer isn’t worth it and that they should be with a professional!!! I’ll see you soon for some more stuff with the photos. Did you think you would get rid of me that easy!!! Remember, I am your favorite “pain in the ass”!!! -Christopher

Location:Ohio USA

Mr Weissman, I am an Abstract artist in Ohio, I stumbled on your extrodianry work by accident. I was amazed……… I don’t watch television, so….I have never heard of you until today. Truly, your photo’s speak. I’ve never seen anything like it. I just had to contact you. Unbelieveable work… Best Regards, Cheri

hermine ri versteegh

Hi Caroline, Rex and Alan, I am excited that my picture might be on the homepage, I am an actor, naturally it excits me, right? When I came in, somewhat nervous, I felt as if I came into a room of old friends and when Alan took pictures of me I felt as if he had known me for years and was able to bring out what I was most proud of. Even though I understand niether lighting or colors it was obvious to me that he did when I saw the pictuures he had taken. Alan made me feel relaxed and after only a minute it was clear to me that I was in for a very good time, we laughed adn joked around while he took some of the best shots Ihave seen of myself. It is really true. I had a great time. and I felt so secure.

: hermine ri versteegh

Johnny Young
Location:CA. USA

When I first walked in to Alans office I was a bit nervous because I had pretty bad experiences with photographers in the past and didnt know what to expect. As soon as I entered I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist who showed me Alans work and talked me over how Alan approached each person when he shot. Shortly then after Alan walked in and greeted me with a smile and broke quickly broke the ice with a few jokes which then made me much more comfortable. We then got started right away. The great thing about the shoot was that he actually shot a test shot so that he could not only test the lighting but show you what to expect from his shoot. So when we got into the actually shooting I chose a CD out his collection that I liked and we started. It was like sitting at cafe talking to an old friend, we just talked and talked and during the conversations he would shoot, make you laugh shoot and etc. He likes to make you feel real comfortable so that he can capture that real natural look about each individual. In the past some photographers acutally told me to smile certain ways and do things that really felt unnatural, but with Alan it was a completely different experience. Thanks again Alan Johnny Young

Vivan Hoas

Dear Alan and Caroline, and Rex and cute puddle LaFite a1.gif Thank you for the most wonderful pictures that has ever been taking of me!!!!!! Alan, you made me look very beatutiful….I love you a1.gif I am so sorry I have been pressing this matter, I think the headshots were delayed in customs, I saw that the package had been opened. I hope you still love me after all my fuss about getting my pictures? Whenever I visit LA again I will need some friends to say hello to, so I hope all four of you will be my friends, besides I have not gotten to meet handsome Rex and cute LaFite yet! Merry Christmas, you really made this Christmas special to me!!! Love Vivan a1.gif PS. I cannot wait until my mother see my pictures, she will be so proud, you know mothers…

Vivan Hoas

Sophie Hannah
Location:Hollywood, CAlifornia USA

Alan, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!!! for my amazing headshots. I can honestly say that i have never had such a great experience working with a photographer… and have never been so happy with the photographs. Usually there are one or two pictures that I like when i get the proofs back… but when i got the proofs of the pictures that you took, i couldn’t find a bad one. From the very beginning when we were picking out wardrobe I had a good feeling because you helped me pick the right outfits but at the same time helped me find what i liked best as opposed to just telling me what to wear… you could tell that i wasn’t happy with certain shirts… and even if you liked them you told me not to wear them because if i didn’t feel great in the shirt… it would come across in the photos! I know nothing about lighting…. but all i know is you sure brought out the RED in my hair which makes everyone happy! I am so excited to go out on castings and auditions with these new pictures, because i feel that they really capture me. You, Caroline, and the lovely Lafit made the whole shoot such a happy one…. Sophie Hannah.

Laura Love

Dear Alan, you took my head shots this morning, and I walked out of your studio feeling two things: 1. I felt like a star 2. I felt like I’d made a friend Thank you for a beautiful morning of laughter, creativity and fun. In a city like L.A. where everyone is fighting and struggling to get noticed, you find an person’s unique beauty in a seamless, simple way. Your photos don’t have to fight for the spotlight, because they radiate in and of themselves. I thank you again – for your talent, your art and of course, my FABULOUS new headshots!!! All my best, Laura Love

Annette Langdon
Location:la, california USA

Alan, I just had to thank you again for the FABULOUS picutures! The first picuture I sent out got me a commercial. Thanks again, Annette Langdon

Klair Cristiani
Location:la, california USA

Alan, I want to say thank you again for the work you did with me the other day. I’ve had some time to look over the photos and I was very happy with them. I also did take a minute to look through your photos of China. They were really reminiscent of home. I think you captured alot of the authentic feel of China. Thanks, Klair

Edward Ferrari
Location:los angeles , California USA

Alan, I honestly couldn’t have imagined a more comfortable photo session. Your professionalism, humor, and confidence really put me at ease. You truly delivered such exceptional shots and I appreciate the added time you spent ensuring that the final product met your standards. Thank you so much, I look forward to the next time I sit for you. Edward Ferrari

Jennifer Bradner

I have been looking at your photos, as well as other photographers, for weeks and I have got to say, you blow them all away. I just absolutely love them. Jennifer Brandner

Jill Williams
Location:CAlifornia USA

Hi Allan, how are things? Can you believe my website is finished? I’m really happy with it. Thank you so much for introducing me to Sarah…she’s great!! And so are you!!!! I wanted you to know that I’ve gotten comments and compliments on your work from everyone I’ve sent it to. EVERYONE SAYS HOW GREAT THE PHOTOGRAPHY IS!! I thought you should know that. I’ll be in touch for the next shoot…Love & peace

jill Williams

Noush Skaugen
Location:Los angeles , California USA

hey Alan You were great at putting me in a relaxed state of mind and letting me be me. Coming from a model background, it was always hard for me to do headshots where true emmotion could come across. With Alan, I finally have pictures that look like me, that are me – he made me realise we spend so much time trying to be someone else when it is so much easier and effortless being yourself! Thanks Noush

martin clark
Location:los angeles , california USA

I’ve been a working actor in theatre, feature films and TV since age 12 and I’m in my 48th year as a working actor. The point is: I must have been through at least as many photographers as I have years and I have not had as pleasant an experience as I had being photographed by Alan Weissman! ( I regard having photos taken akin to having teeth pulled. ) It was really fun and I didn’t want to leave! But it’s results that count! I was 100% pleased with the outcome. We did a wide variety of shots and the transition of one to another was painless. I was able to instantly see the results which helped to inspire both of us for new ideas. Alan does so much with lighting, he created the moods we wanted to portray and I had to do virtually nothing. It’s no wonder he has photographed so many celebrities.

martin clark

Nina Elizabeth Green
Location:Los Angeles, CA USA

Dear Alan, thank you so much for giving me the best headshots ever ! You made me feel so comfortable, and it really shows in the pictures – a true proffessional ! I had so much fun, and I really appreciate you giving me such a great experience 😀 I’ll be back for my next headshots – that’s for sure ! Thanks again – Nina xxoo

Savvy Brown
Location:Agoura, Ca USA

I will never go to anyone else. Alan is completely amazing! Elizabeth is truly an artist & Caroline is sweet & so helpful. I had difficulty choosing just 2 shots there were so many good ones & that was BEFORE touch ups. Also Tami is the best.

Savvy Brown

Christine Hernandez

Dear Alan, I wanted to thank you, Rita and Caroline for helping me get the best head shots ever! I really appreciate what you guys have done for me. Thanks, Christine Hernandez

Simone White
Location:Charlotte, NC USA

I’m California Dreamin…you are my first stop when I get there! Your work is amazing!

Simone White

Tony Voci
Location:Hollywood, CA USA

Here’s the deal. I’ve shot twice with Alan. The first time in May 2001 and again in December 2006. Film the first time and digital the second. Both shoots yielded spectacular results – and I was highly skeptical about the digital shoot beause I loathe digital photographs. Let’s face it. Every wannabe photographer in Hollywood has a digital camera.

Alan is a professional. He lights the subject. He tests the subject and the lighting before the shoot starts. Even as a layman I know it’s more important to light the subject and test the subject more than the camera or medium being used. That’s where you get your moneys worth with Alan. He takes the time to test the shoot with either a professional film polaroid camera or in the digital shoot, he projects the digital results onto his monitor. Here is what’s important to the paying customer regarding the test shots. You see the results of the test right before your eyes which allays fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety can be deadly to anyones confidence in a fairly expensive photo shoot. I’m not a celebrity so shooting with Alan was not cheap for me, but in weighing the less expensive “cost” to shoot with an amateur photographer would cost me thousands of dollars in “opportunity lost” when my mediocre headshot goes across the casting directors desk right into the trashcan. Don’t waste your time. Spend the money. Be ready. Be professional. Work through the process with Alan. You couldn’t be in better hands. Sincerely, Tony Voci

Bryce Wylie
Location:Richmond, VA USA

VERY REPUTABLE…I’ve been researching photographers for years and Alan Weissman has a very good reputation with the local population and the celebrities!! I’ll make sure that I get my celebrity headshots taken through Alan Weissman Photography!

Bryce Wylie

Meosha Jones
Location:Plano, Tx USA


Meosha Jones

Location:LA, CAlifornia USA

I’ve been looking through many photographer’s websites and I’ve noticed that about 95% of them had not-so-great colour shots. Your eye for all of your shots are amazing. I didn’t see one that I disliked. I love your black & white even more. Your lighting is fantastic. Thank you very much for becoming my inspiration. Bethany Professional Photographer

Kelsey Glasser
Location:Sherwood, OR USA

Alan, Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and GORGEOUS photos!! You have such a talent for making people feel completely comfortable right away, and getting right down to the “true” them on camera. I had so much fun working with you! Give Lafitte a hug for me 🙂 Thanks again, Kelsey

Stephan Katz
Location:WLA, CAlifornia USA

Dear Allan, I can’t tell you how happy I am that I chose you to shoot my first headshots. When I was “shopping” for photographers many people told me of you, “he’s too expensive”, and “He only shoots celebrities, so wait until you have more experience in front of the camera”. Before I even stepped foot in your studio, I called your studio to inquire about shooting with you and was given honest advice and personal attention. I knew Immediately after speaking with your assistant that this is the place I want to work with and have a relationship with. I came into the shoot feeling very nervous, and not knowing what to expect. Once, we started I felt very calm, and had a great time totally leaving my nervousness at home. All throughout the shoot I felt very comfortable and not nervous in the least. Your work speaks for itself. You have an amazing talent, but more importantly your a GOOD HONEST person. You spent so much time with me going over my pictures, and giving me personal attention, that I couldn’t ask for a better “First Photo shoot” experience. Thank you so much for your honesty and humbleness. Sincerely, Stephen Katz PS. Every time I call to set up an appointment with you and speak with Caroline, she is so pleasant and sweet! A real positive asset to your studio!!

Stephan Katz

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